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Oil pulling requires you to use a teaspoon or so of an edible oil (usually coconut) to swish around the mouth as a way to care for your teeth.Oil pulling is an Ayurvedic tradition that has been getting some much deserved attention in the past few years.The oil pulling benefits do not stop there, but instead your whole mouth will benefit from its therapy.

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Some oil pullers suggest that sesame oil is the most effective oil for oil pulling, while others prefer the taste and texture of coconut oil.Short answer: Oil pulling is the act of swishing oil (usually Sesame, Sunflower or Coconut) in the mouth for up to 20 minutes to improve oral health.The process gets its name partly from the pushing and pulling of the oil through teeth and mouth, and partly from the way the oil is supposed to pull icky stuff.

Oil pulling stems from the ancient Indian treatment therapy also referred to as kavala or gundusha.Oilpulling or oil swishing involves swishing oil in the mouth Ayurvedic literature describes oilpulling as capable of both improving oral health and treating serious.

Oil Pulling with Coconut Oil for Dental Health

The process of oil pulling involves putting a tablespoon of liquid vegetable oil, often coconut oil, into your mouth and swishing it around for 20 minutes before spitting it out and brushing it away with a toothbrush and toothpaste.

We know it dates back well over 3,000 years because it is referenced in the Charaka Samhita, a Sanskrit text written on traditional Indian medicine.Oil pulling involves swishing a tablespoon or so of oil — usually sesame or coconut oil — around in your mouth for 10-20 minutes.Consider alternating oil varieties every couple of days to get the full benefit of all the oils and see what works best for you.

The mild mint flavor will cleanse your breath, cure any infection in the gums, heal ulcers.Coconut Oil Pulling Therapy Mouthwash, Find Complete Details about Coconut Oil Pulling Therapy Mouthwash,Coconut Oil Mouthwash,Coconut Oil Pulling,Coconut Mouthwash from Supplier or Manufacturer-Shenzhen Rechan Technology Co., Ltd.The concept of oil pulling is not new, and it has been mentioned in the Ayurvedic scripture called Charaka Samhita, where it is referred to as Kavala Graha or Kavala Gandusha.My preferred oil for pulling is coconut oil, due to its anti-inflammatory and antioxidative properties.

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Though, this coconut oil pulling for sinus infection relief might not work on you to clear sinus congestion.The practice of oil pulling apparently is a time-honoured tradition in parts of the world.Oil pulling claims to be a safe, effective alternative to traditional toothpaste and mouthwash regimens.

Bruce Fife is a coconut oil expert and the author of Oil Pulling Therapy.You can read more in depth about oil pulling, but essentially you swish a tablespoon or two coconut oil or sesame oil in your mouth for 10-20 minutes.

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Using the oil pulling or oil swishing method has been a lifesaver for them.Oil pulling therapy is an ancient Ayurvedic ritual dating back over 3,000 years.During this procedure, swishing is done with a tablespoon of oil such as coconut oil.

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10 Oil Pulling Benefits: With Coconut Oil and Other Oils

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